About Open Door Rehabilitation Center

Board of Directors

  • Chris Carpenter
  • Jim Dockendorf
  • Bryan Harbin
  • Tom Hohmann, Jr.
  • Joe Klinger
  • Becky Lueken
  • Claudette McCaslin
  • Phyllis Niles
  • Michael O'Flynn
  • Richard Randall
  • Dave Baker: Executive Director
  • William & Virginia Squire, Sr.: Founder
  • David & Juanita Graf: Founder
  • Robert Coleman, D.C: President Emeritus
  • Lane Kapela: President
  • Eric Danielson: Vice President
  • Denise Mestemaker: Secretary
  • Dick Banning: Treasurer

Mission Statement

The mission of the Open Door Rehabilitation Center is to provide unrivaled, high quality person driven services to adults with developmental and intellectual disabilities in order to promote independence. growth and an exceptional quality of life for those we serve.

Open Door History

Open Door Rehabilitation Center has been providing vocational, residential, day and community support services to adults with developmental disabilities for over 45 years.